Executive Search

Management Pathways provides high quality and cost-effective solutions to address specific challenges and support broad-based recruitment initiatives.

Modified Retained Search (MRS)

We developed the Modified Retained Search (MRS) approach to provide clients with a high quality and comprehensive search and evaluation process for mid-level to senior-level positions within key functional areas of their organization. The goal in structuring our relationship in this manner is to minimize the financial obligation of our clients while creating a performance-based search engagement based on the achievement of project milestones. We are able to do so without compromising the quality and thoroughness of our search process or the level of commitment to each project. It is our belief that Modified Retained Search (MRS) creates the ideal partnership to best serve the talent acquisition objectives of our clients.

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Flexible Solution: Project Services

Management Pathways offers Project Services as an alternative to a comprehensive search engagement to augment your internal resources and contain expenses related to the project. We will consult with you to develop an understanding of your objectives, timing, and appropriate work plan based on defined tasks to best serve your needs and accelerate the execution of the search. At your direction, our role may include one or all of the following work items related to a specific search:

  • Site Visit and review of the position and target profile desired, including: organizational overview, technical/business environment, department structure, reporting relationships, compensation, goals/objectives, expectations and required skill set and experience, as well as community information;
  • Development of a Position Specification which will serve as a reference document and marketing tool during the search process;
  • Development, placement, and coordination of job postings and advertisements (print & electronic).
  • Candidate research, identification, and development of a target list.
  • Outreach to targeted candidates, referral sources and related contacts.
  • Preliminary screening of candidates by telephone.
  • Facilitation of interviews with the client.
  • Reference checks.
  • Administration of the DiSC Personal Profile System behavior assessment tool and delivery of summary to the client.
  • Facilitation of the offer of employment to the selected candidate and assistance with the on-boarding process.
  • Final communication to candidates at the close of the search.

Project Staffing

Project Services assignments and deliverables are performed by an experienced search consultant at the direction of the client. Any work performed on behalf of the client will be done with your prior approval. Regular progress updates are provided throughout the term of the project.

Fees and Timing

Professional fees are billed on an hourly basis and detailed in a bi-monthly work activity and timesheet. Telephone expenses are included in our professional fee, and not billed to the client. The client may elect to terminate a Project Services agreement at any time.

For more information on Project Services, contact us at 610-415-0888 or e-mail: info@managementpathways.com

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